Emily Painter

Nickname: Painter-original!
Position: Striker/centre mid in my old age!
Joining Date: Been at the club since it first began as a uni Sunday team in 2001
Previous Teams Played For: Leicester City Ladies
Football team you support: None
What/Who got you into football: Just loved all sports when I was younger and gave up my love for ballet to play football!
Biggest Achievement in football: Promotions with this club and golden boot winner for the league when playing for Leicester 
Favourite Player (male): Ian Wright
Favourite Player (female): Laura Bassett 
Aspirations in Football: To wake up on a Monday after a game and not ache too much!
Current Job/School: PE Teacher 
Interesting Fact/s: When hippos are angry their sweat turns red 
Favourite Holiday Destination: Phi Phi-Thailand 
Pre-Match Breakfast: Peanut Butter Bagel 
Favourite/Funniest moment at BWMLFC: Various nights out, away trips on the mini bus, spikey in the kit bag, pre match punches with lefty and many more! 


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