Shannie Jennings

Nickname: Shaynes 
Position: CDM/CM
Joining Date: July2016
Previous Teams Played For: Aston Villa, Halesowen, Continental 
Team you support: Aston Villa 
What/Who got you into football: My dad forced me, 5 girls in total, forced to be the boy! 
Biggest Achievement in football: Doing my coaching badges and working at Aston Villa and West Brom's girls academies 
Favourite Player (male): Steven Gerrard 
Favourite Player (female): Charlotte Fisher 
Aspirations in Football: To still be playing when I'm 25 (by the way I'm 24 now) 
Current Job/School: Safeguarding Children 
Interesting Fact/s about yourself: When I was born I was that ugly the midwife slapped my mom 
Favourite Holiday Destination: Brean
Pre-Match Breakfast: Poached egg, avocado and toast at Lefty's! 
Favourite/Funniest moment at BWMLFC: Too many, team plaits, left foot, right foot volleys in training 
Thoughts on the forthcoming season: Charl Fisher for golden boot

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